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RPSA Supports Customer Digital Conversion Needs: High Viscous Fluids

April 21, 2023

If you are seeking to take advantage of the benefits of digital printing and use high viscous fluids, please contact us today by emailing us at digitalsolution@rpsa.ricoh.com

Digital printing has been transforming multiple industries by lowering material costs, reducing waste, shortening set-up times and enabling selective material placement. RPSA has been designing and manufacturing stainless steel piezo industrial printheads for over forty years and has evolved its technology and know-how to meet the ever-expanding performance requirements of industrial digital application.

RPSA offers larger native drop volume printheads, i.e., 15 pL, 27 pL & 40 pL, to achieve maximum fluid coverage. RPSA has also incorporated increased viscosity and temperature fluid handling capabilities; RPSA currently offers 16 cP and 80 deg. c printheads. Adding flow-through capability has further expanded the scope of RPSA’s printhead fluid handling and jetting performance.

RPSA is now focusing on increasing its viscosity and temperature capabilities to support additional conversions of analog-to-digital processes. RPSA is seeking to engage with companies with high viscous fluids and that are also motivated to benefit from the advantages of the digital conversion of their process.
We look forward to supporting your digital conversion needs.

Please contact RPSA today by emailing us at digitalsolution@rpsa.ricoh.com

Demanding Applications Demand RICOH

Ricoh Printing Systems America, Inc. introduces the latest member of the rugged, industrial ink jet print head family that is optimized for the most demanding applications. Building on the 31 year history of Ricoh industrial ink jet technology, the MH2620/2820 print head is now available for multiple applications including wide format graphics, 3D modeling, electronic deposition and others. It sets a new metric for price, performance, and packaging.

Gen4L Printhead

- 384 Nozzles
- 30KHz Jetting
- Multiple Inks Compatibility
- Gray Scale

Multiple Drop Technology provides
Multiple solutions for
Multiple applications.

Industrial Ink Jet Print Head Product Selection

All RPSA industrial print heads share the same strong characteristics, such as, all metal construction, and the ability to jet multiple fluid types. The following selection matrix provides a quick overview of the unique features of each family member to match to your demanding application needs.

  Nozzles Nozzles/Inch Drop Size (pL) Frequency
MH5220(PDF) 1280 600 2.5 - 9 30kHz
MH5320/5340(PDF) 1280 600 5 - 15 50kHz/40kHz
MH5420/5440(PDF) 1280 600 7 - 35 30kHz/20kHz
MH5421/5441(PDF) 1280 600 7, 14, 21 30kHz
MH2620/2820(PDF) 384 150 15, 30, 45; 27, 54 30kHz/20kHz/14kHz
MH2420(PDF) 384 300 7 - 35 30kHz/20kHz
GH2220(PDF) 384 150 3-5; 21 30kHz/24kHz
MH2810F(PDF) 384 150 27-50 30kHz/20kHz
MH1600 192 75 15, 30, 45 30kHz
MH1900 96 38 30, 65 20kHz

Click here for information on inks tested with Ricoh Inkjet heads.

EV1000 Evaluation Kit
Evaluation Kits allow developers to calibrate and qualify ink and print head interaction.

Press Releases

Ricoh announces launch of new Industrial Inkjet Printhead, the RICOH MH5320/5340/5320 Type A, a higher spec model of the RICOH MH5420/5440 and RICOH MH5421/5441.

Jobs @ RPSA

Ricoh Printing Systems America, Inc. prides itself in being an Equal Opportunity Employer. RPSA is also proud to offer a competitive benefits package that includes health and dental programs and a competitive 401K plan. If you seek the challenge of working for an industry leader in an environment based upon innovation and diversity, please click here (e.g. “a list of our current job opportunities.”)

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